Battery Wharf

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The challenge in marketing Battery Wharf was two-fold. It was a stagnant condo and hotel project without a personality, and it was in a secluded, not-very-noticeable location on a previously industrial section of Boston’s North End waterfront. The solution: Position Battery Wharf as an exclusive private enclave with European sophistication.


Brand Strategy
Battery Wharf not only needed a personality, it needed one that conveyed luxury and exclusiveness. Our branding strategy was to compare living at Battery Wharf to living in sophisticated European cities with memorable waterfronts.

The new branding emphasized the sense of European style and refinement that Battery Wharf evokes. By comparing various features of the location and neighborhood to famous European sites and cities, we created a fresh, exciting and sophisticated campaign that included a new website, collateral materials, signage and advertising.


Brand Identity
The visual identity expresses the luxury and elegance of European vacation spots like Venice and Portofino. We were able to express this concept through stunning black and white photography that evoked the gorgeous 1930’s portrait photography of Cecil Beaton and George Hoyningen-Huene. We created a world of beauty and elegance, a place that reminded the consumer of those memory-filled trips abroad that one rarely duplicates. We photographed various aspects of the project that corresponded with a similar aspect on Battery Wharf.

Brand photography at Battery Wharf by Stephen Sherman.
Battery Wharf Brochure cover photo by Rodney Smith.


For Battery Wharf we created window signage, large building banners, and asset scrims for the property.


Spectacular views from the building as well as well as charming neighborhood shots of the North End were utilized throughout every aspect of the branding. Stunning water shots captured the light and reflections through the windows of Battery Wharf.

View and neighborhood photography by Dave Desroches.