Belclare Wellesley

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Belclare’s 25 elegant condominiums were the first truly urban-style luxury condominiums in Boston’s affluent western suburbs. Situated in the heart of Wellesley, Belclare offered the rare opportunity to leave the headaches of a large home behind without sacrificing luxury, proximity to family, or a familiar neighborhood.


Brand Positioning
Beclare was positioned as the obvious choice for those who want to live in Wellesley without being encumbered by a single-family home that has become too large and requires too much maintenance. It is elegant without being stuffy, located in the heart of a town they love, and promises convenience as well as beauty and luxury.  Belclare targets empty-nesters ready for the next phase of their life and a residence that reflects their taste and style — from classically traditional to sleekly modern — and that looks and feels like their personal definition of “home.”


Brand Identity
Traditional and elegant. The private courtyard and garden were one of the major selling points of this site and were the inspiration for the name “Belclare.”Taking that as a jumping off point, and after researching floral motifs and 18th and 19th century engraving, we crafted a stylized version of a hydrangea, one of the main flowers in the garden and paired it with an elegant, serif font to give it a traditional yet modern flair.

We took that mark and created a delicate pattern to use as a background on all the marketing materials to give depth to it all.


Our direction focused on creating a sophisticated and elegant, yet warm look enhanced by different textures and a soft color palette with broad appeal. We wanted to use subtle humor to avoid pretentiousness and opted to use surprising visuals to capture the attention of our demographic.

As the demographic was 55+, people who wanted to downsize from larger homes but still stay close to family and friends, the brand strategy was “Thinking of downsizing?” A simple line, but when paired with a tongue-in-cheek photo by acclaimed photographer Rodney Smith, the message struck an amusing cord.


We created a portfolio to hold floor plans and a small brochure for the sales team. The brochure was filled with gorgeous renderings and our charming photography showcasing the town’s many attractions and amenities.

We named Belclare’s newsletter that kept our interested residents informed of happenings around Belclare. We created a series of postcards to keep the new owners excited about the construction progress as various phases of their homes were completed and we developed invitations to special events to promote interest in living at Belclare.


Environmental signage used the two branding images in a variety of ways. We developed construction scrims, banners, window signage, site signs and event banners for the project.