Boston East

Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Tagline,
Art Direction, Advertising, Print Collateral, Environmental Signage, Website

Boston East is defining itself in the context of its neighborhood. These luxury apartments on the water attract artists and community gardeners, foodies, young professionals and empty nesters, all looking for and enjoying the good life.


Brand Identity
The logo embraces the gritty textures of a working wharf and the heavily structured typography of stenciled shipping container labels. We pulled in the some of the colors from of the planned edgy, fun interiors. The stripes suggest a bit of a preppy vibe and the colorful kayaks that will be launched from Boston East.


Brand Strategy
• Position Boston East as the “authentic” choice
• Embrace East Boston’s authenticity
• Give Boston East a real personality that will stand out
• Emphasize its warmth and boutique feel
• Build community internally and externally
• Demonstrate that this not a cookie-cutter development


As the primary demographic is Millennials, we concentrated on the hottest apps and social media trends. Polaroids are back! So we developed a series of transit ads that use Polaroids as the jumping off point for a fun take on family photos and how childhood interests can grow up to become Boston East amenities.

Visually we parlayed the Polaroid theme into a website that spoke to young professionals, adding some quirky language and choice photos that would play across multiple channels. The site is very user friendly and lets you choose apartments online. You can even Facetime with the leasing agents to see your favorite without actually being there.



We captured the quirky feel of the Boston East neighborhood as well as the spectacular views of the Boston skyline and waterfront in a series of shots that included the local hangouts and the hottest restaurants.


Photography by Dave Desroches