Brio Hingham

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Brio offers luxury waterfront living in the Hingham Shipyard  with branding inspired by the glamour of 1930’s travel posters. 


Brand Identity
This concept plays to the iconic luxury and style of the grand age of Transatlantic travel depicted so powerfully in glamorous posters of the Cunard Cruise Line. Visually, the concept is colorful, graphic and compelling. Moreover, Transatlantic travel was the epitome of luxury, defined style and expressed lifestyle aspirations that still resonate today in the active lifestyles of our young professional and empty nester demographic. It brings to mind luxury and relaxed glamour with a personality that implies sophistication, modern vitality, and an enviable lifestyle.

The mark is inspired by signal flags spelling out “BRIO” along with the elegant crests of exclusive yacht clubs. It all combines to create an elegant, modern vibe.


Brand Positioning
Brio is positioned as waterfront condominiums with urban (Boston) panache but without urban prices… designed for those who value luxury, convenience, and a vibrant lifestyle.

What is Brio? It’s salt air and wind in your sails. It’s a last-minute decision to go into Boston… or to cancel everything and just chill in a deck chair. Brio is finding time to call an old friend, or making plans with a new one. It’s the exhilaration of a good workout or run along the water. It’s dinner out… or ordering in. Brio is also nailing that presentation, making the sale, reaching an important goal. It’s shopping therapy, massage therapy, a night-on-the-town therapy. It’s waking up to the sound of seagulls and ending the day with a spectacular sunset.

Brio is a family birthday party, a new car or a new grandchild. It’s an African safari or box seats at Fenway. Brio is your definition of “the good life.”


Brand Strategy
The strategy for Brio is to leverage its desirable waterfront location, especially its proximity to the Hingham ferry and marina. Our strategy also highlight luxury–this is the premier residence in the Hingham Shipyard–and an exciting new neighborhood.


We created a website rich in content and filled with stunning photography and spectacular views of the Hingham Harbor Colorful graphics and beautiful renderings fill the screen and offer the viewer a glimpse into the world of Brio.