Cumar, Inc.

Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Tagline, Copywriting, Art Direction,
Photography, Advertising, Video, Script, Website

Cumar is a family-owned firm with a deep history and a stellar reputation for the finest quality marble, granite and other stones. We’ve been working with Cumar to develop a new kind of advertising that matches their inspirational selection of exotic stones and their unmatched craftsmanship.

cumar cinderella


The fairy tale and historical concept seemed to match perfectly the client’s product. Magical exotic stones and incredible craftsmanship and installation. Working with photographer Stephen Sherman, we crafted a campaign centered on the dreams of children, the magic of fairytales.

cumar-advertising-campaign-red riding hood


“Using family owned photos that documented generations of the Cumar family, we told the story of this remarkable family and how they have not only built this respected business but how it continues into the future.”