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1.33 million square feet across, 447 luxury condominiums, more than 200 apartments, 50,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor amenity space, 125,000 square feet of retail space and a central public piazza.

echelonseaport balloon ad
EchelonSeaport signage
Echelonseaport street signage
echelon seaport billboard
echelonseaport boat photo
echelonseaport boat ad


Creating personality
Eye-catching and provocative are the key words for this first of a series of ads we created for EchelonSeaport. We collaborated with renowned fashion photographer Geof Kern whose work exists seamlessly in the dichotomous worlds of fashion and non-fashion. One of his  advertising campaigns for PNP-Paribas was put into the permanent collection of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris as an example of advertising art.

Our conceptual approach to developing this series of images for EchelonSeaport was to sell the idea of a certain kind of lifestyle and of getting anything you want, anytime you want it with images that the demographic can identify with — high fashion and elegance.

An alternative version is shown below showing the iconic large E made of clouds.


Environmental Signage
A construction scrim doesn’t have to be boring. Our signage campaign for EchelonSeaport illustrates how you can use construction signage as a valuable tool for carrying forward the brand’s messaging and personality. Each “panel” can be taken and used in a variety of media including Instagram.

Construction signage
man looking over city, seaport luxury condos, It's not just where you live. It's how.
elegant couple drinking wine, amenities at echelon seaport on the waterfront condos
Elegant woman drinking champagne at Echelonseaport, luxury condos
Fashionable woman walking at Echelonseaport luxury condos on Boston's waterfront