Newport ONE

Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Copywriting,
Tagline, Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Advertising,
Event Collateral, Print Collateral, Environmental Signage,
Website, Digital Display Ads

This long-time client undertook a major reorganization and rebranding effort, including a name change and new website to better communicate the breadth of its services.


We worked with award-winning illustrator Christiane Beauregard to create a series of colorful, contemporary illustrations that communicate how one person, one organization, can make a difference.


Brand Postioning
Newport One’s repositioning emphasized its full-service, one-stop shopping capabilities while adopting a more contemporary look and a more customer-focused approach. It also highlighted the agency’s balance of technical and creative strengths.


Brand Identity
Naming the company and creating a simple typographical solution for their logo was our first goal.

“Newport ONE” repositions the agency as a full-service, integrated, one-stop source for its clients. The new positioning also puts clients front and center. One person can make a difference in the world. One organization is all you need.