Old State House Museum

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Boston’s Old State House, the 300 year-old building where the ideas that spawned American Revolution were born. Sam Adams, John Hancock and John Adams challenged the British Government there. The Boston Massacre happened right outside the balcony windows. The Declaration of Independence was read from the balcony. History happened there.


Adams Design developed an ad campaign for the Old State House that focused on the incredible artifact collection from Boston’s Revolutionary history. The Elizabeth Bull wedding dress is one of the most poignant reminders of a young girl’s dreams in the early 1700’s. We believe that people love THINGS that have a story, you can bring history alive by telling the story of that artifact and make it live. Using one of the Museum’s photographs, we brought the story alive of the romance between Elizabeth and the Rector of Kings Chapel.


“Who knew this Revolutionary hero was so fashion forward? John Hancock was a peacock, and he would have looked smashing in his red silk velvet coat, riding in his “shocking” yellow carriage. Come see a more colorful side of history at the Old State House, where thousands of artifacts and the largest collection of personal Hancock memorabilia are waiting to surprise you.”


“Our award-winning magazine for the Bostonian Society (twice) has been a big hit since it’s debut three years ago. It enables the staff to bring various stories to light about some of the artifacts and history in the Old State House.”


Brand Identity
We created a separate identity system for The Bostonian Society, stewards for the Old State House for over 100 years. The mark illustrates what they purpose of the society is which is the Old State House and Boston’s revolutionary history.