Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography, Print Collateral, Signage

An apartment building whose appeal goes beyond the gorgeous river views with a chic, contemporary vibe to the interiors.


Brand Identity
As the client preferred to use the actual address as the logo, our challenge was to name the project in a way that not only used the address but also communicated a young, contemporary vibe. By taking the letters and numbers of the street address, we developed a name and an abstract mark using modified typography to create RE150. Using a contemporary, urban color palette for the logo and for a striped pattern, we then applied that visual language to all the marketing materials.


Adams Design created signage for the exterior of the building that incorporated the logo as well as the name of the building using mixed materials.


During the course of this project, we developed an amazing library of photography of both the interiors and the surrounding environment.


View and interior photography by Dave Desroches.