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Trendy and vibrant, ViVO apartments appeal particularly to Kendall Square’s tech-oriented Millennials.


Brand Identity
Visually, “O!” features people of all nationalities in a variety of activities. The illustrations are designed to connote community and bring attention to the international nature of our target audience, of Kendall Square and of Cambridge in general. Verbally, “O!” says it all: excitement and delight, whether we are talking about the location, the apartments, or the lifestyle.

The name means “with life and vigor.” The mark was inspired by the geometric glass shapes and test tubes in biotech, recognizing that some residents will be working in the biotech companies near the project.


Brand Positioning
The challenge: Make Vivo, a boutique building of just 91 units, stand out in a Kendall Square neighborhood with a LOT of amenity-rich competitive buildings, both existing and soon to come. Our target audience was young, hip, and savvy, comprising many young professionals of different nationalities working at both established and start-up tech companies. We positioned Vivo as a community, where people could come together to enjoy the Kendall Square lifestyle… cinema, Charles River, access to Boston, Central Square, Harvard Square, indie clubs, international restaurants and other diverse leisure opportunities.


“We worked with illustrator Jody Hewgill to develop a painting that captured the energy and lifestyle of the building as well as the international nature of the target audience. The tagline we developed (O the possibilities!) is punctuated throughout the branding graphics by using the O in the woman’s hair, in the patterns of the clothing, the ear phones and elsewhere.”


Brand Strategy
We used color, illustration, and lively wording to create a distinct and memorable personality that could override the ho-hum marketing of other properties and present Vivo as a great place to live that suited the lifestyle of the target audience.