Strolling Newbury

The website uses a mix of color and eclectic graphics combined with clever copy and animated gifs to give the site an eclectic and fun feel, much like the street itself. It's highly functional as well, providing information on all Newbury Street businesses and even allowing retailers to update their information easily for any special events or promotions.

People walking and dining on Newbury Street
Newbury Street website on ipad

The interactive map helps tourists and everyday visitors search for and find information  about each business on Newbury Street, including the address, hours, phone number and website.

Newbury Street sax player
Newbury Street martini illustration

One unusual aspect of the site is the sample set of icons we developed, color coded by category. Each icon can be used in the events section when a graphic is not available from the retailer. The icons also serve as labels on the interactive map to identify the category of each retailer.

Newbury Street icons
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