Priceless stories

Diamonds, rubies, and an array of jewels stand as universal companions. Collaborating with David Walker, a seasoned gemologist, diamond merchant, and second-generation family jeweler, we meticulously curated this brochure to narrate the captivating stories behind the coveted jewelry that captivates everyone's desires.​

Shreve, Crump & Low has been the source of memorable gifts and moments since 1796, whether their time-honored blue and silver box holds a breathtaking engagement ring, an exquisite diamond pendant, or an incomparable antique diamond brooch. They serve both New England’s oldest families and young couples just beginning to build a future together, those for whom price is no object and those for whom it matters greatly.

shreve crump and low equestrian woman standing next to white horse in stable

Abby Brady

Was on a horse before she could walk. Hates eggs, loves butter, avoids both. Secret vice: jewelry, jewelry, jewelry! She’s focused on making the Olympic equestrian team. Her husband Joe is giving her diamond studs from Shreve, Crump & Low if she does.

We designed a mailer that weaves together the experiences of a variety of Shreve, Crump and Low clients. Each story portrays a typical customer, highlighting their individual preferences in jewelry and the unique narrative that led to their choices. After all, everyone has a story.

shreve crump and low mature man on ladder with sheers and topiary

Teddy Goldman

Retired CEO of the company he founded. He learned how to trim topiaries from his grandfather and how to tweet from his grandson. Took the family fly fishing in Montana, then renewed his wedding vows on Maui. Chose an exquisite MasterCut™ diamond from Shreve, Crump & Low with the same attention to detail that made his company so successful.







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