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Positioning these 36 exclusive condominiums as the finest, most exclusive residences in the city along with the prestige of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

For this project, thinking out of the box meant putting the project in a box. There was a need to make an exclusive clientele feel that this was an equally exclusive opportunity. Because client meetings would be held in the architect’s office and large, custom plans printed there, we recommended an unusual carrying case that represented how different this opportunity was.

mandarin oriental entry with doorman
Mandarin positioning
Fan with View of Whampoa Reach, c. 1850

As part of our scope of work, we worked with the Peabody Essex Museum in choosing a fan that would become the “Boston fan” for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

mandarin oriental box close up with red tassle cream color
mandarin oriental entry with hall table and 2 white vases of flowers with sunburst mirror
50 liberty looking down on woman getting back massage
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A custom pattern was developed that could be used on all marketing elements as an embossed pattern on the box and brochure and as printed divider pages.
mandarin oriental box open with red interior and brochure
Hands of woman squeezing lemon juice to Irish oysters in plate with ice over glass of champagne by best boston ad agency
mandarin oriental brochure embossing with gold mandari hotel logo lighter







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