Urban vibe

We closely collaborated with our developer partners—Boston Realty Advisors, Torrington Properties, and Mt. Vernon Properties—to meticulously craft a compelling and memorable identity for Rozzie Boston.

Rozzie's essence is eclectic, mirroring the vibrant diversity of Roslindale. Just glance at the logo; it embodies the community's multifaceted character—welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds. Our aim was to harmonize the branding with the interior hues of the building and the lush natural surroundings enveloping the buildings.

rozzie boston logo on warm gray

We designed a piece of art that incorporated all the brand colors while symbolically hinting at the lush wooded areas and scenic walking trails surrounding Rozzie Boston.

rozzie boston cropped logo
back bay business improvement district fonts
rozzie boston color logo on green
rozzie boston postioning
rozzie boston exterior rendering of building
Rozzie boston-color palette with all colors
rozzie boston logo on rust
rozzie boston logo on yellow
rozzie boston logo on green

The logo is composed of distinct sections and vibrant colors, purposefully reflecting the rich diversity of Rozzie Boston’s community and surroundings.

rozzie boston illustration of flowers and butterflies

The illustration used as the primary brand image symbolizes the wooded areas surrounding the property.

rozzie boston brochure cover books stacked by boston graphic design studio
tango apartments young woman on orange sofa looking at laptop

Our scope of work extended to brand strategy, identity, a square brochure narrating the story of Rozzie and the amenities it offers. 

rozzie boston branding with ipad and folder

As part of our scope of work, we also crafted a folder, detailed floor plans, and a dynamic website to provide a comprehensive brand presence.

rozzie boston folder and stationery

The construction scrim below was designed to showcase the logo and the brand artwork.

rozzie boston construction fence







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