Cumar Marble & Granite

Repositioning and rebranding a company whose family roots in stone cutting go back eight generations. Cumar is New England’s finest purveyor of luxury stone.​

Cumar is a family-owned firm with a deep history and a reputation for superior marble, granite, and other specialty stones. But its website and marketing did not reflect the company’s unmatched quality or craftsmanship. Our award-winning rebrand provided Cumar with an elegant, surprising, and memorable look that clearly say this is not your mother’s kitchen counter.

two men moving a slab of stone with forklift
Cumar positioning
mermaid sitting on treasure trunk with shark and fish
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cumar-signage by best boston graphic design agency
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cumar ad with maleficent character and green smoke
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cumar home page on imac with malificent and green smoke







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