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We created a logo and identity for this design-build company that crafts beautiful custom kitchen and bath cabinetry.

Collaborating with the family-owned business, we designed a unique logo featuring Ionic columns and an 18th-century French ribbon engraving, forming the letter "H." This mark embodies Halco's values of longevity, craftsmanship, and classicism, while also symbolizing their retail shop offering unusual home accessories. The identity project encompassed shopping bags, stickers, signage, and hang tags.

halco showroom logo on white horizontal
halco showroom hang tag vertical
halco showroom color palette
Signet brand fonts
halco showroom logo on white horizontal
halco showroom logo on gray horizontal
halco showroom shpping bag and box horizontal

Halco’s home accessories business catered to clients seeking elegant, unusual items for their home. The retail components we created reflect this.

halco showroom craftsman woodworking

Outdoor signage on the building was an important way for street traffic to locate the entrance to the building. The awnings allowed us to indicate the quality of what customers would find inside.

halco showroom storefront signage







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