A star is born

Vela is a proposed hotel restaurant concept to refresh an existing brand. We worked with the marketing team to create a new upscale name, branding and messaging for this Seaport restaurant.

The heavens are filled with stars and stories, like the constellation Vela and the story of Jason and the Argonauts. Named for the sails of their ship, Vela invites you to imagine a journey of adventure through the night sky, just as the restaurant invites you to experience different cultures and cuisines from your table by the sea. Vela is many things—elegant yet easy, sophisticated yet surprising.

vela seaport logo on black background
vela seaport restaurant salmon being tossed in air with olive oil
Vela seaport positioning by graphic design studio in Boston
Vela seaport tagline on black
Vela seaport naming two
vela seaport black sky with stars
vela seaport man mixing drink with lemon
vela seaport logo on white background
vela seaport logo on black background
vela seaport logo on black background with white type
vela seaport fonts
vela seaport black menu
vela brand art with constellations in blue

The brand identity art concept is a fanciful treatment of celestial symbols and constellations using delicate hand-drawn line art. By incorporating the various star symbols throughout the brand materials, it gave us a very fun yet elegant and cohesive look.

vela seaport stationery with black flaps
vela seaport black truffles on dark plate
vela seaport black woman and glass of wine
vela seaport iphone and ipad with business card
vela seaport 3 men sitting at bar talking
vela seaport hand pouring olive oil on a small salad

The exterior signage consisted of gold and white stars pulled from the iconography we created for the brand, along with the tagline and logo.

vela seaport windows with white stars

The proposed advertising connected the brand with gorgeous food photography. The copy pulled it all together with idea of a wonderful culinary adventure.

vela street poster with white logo







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