Strada 234

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It was right under the elevated highway in a section of town that was not a typical residential area bordering the Financial District and the North End. BUT the highway was coming down and the views and balconies were spectacular. So how do you attract buyers to this up-and-coming neighborhood?


Brand Identity
We created a simple graphic treatment for the name and logo. Since Strada 234 is on the water, we incorporated blue and green triangles to represent the waves and the water. Used on a black background, the mark was chic and understated.


Our thinking was to embrace the “pioneering” nature of the location and create a hip brand that was fresh with a nod to its non-residential ambience. We built a set and staged a photoshoot that focused on the huge balconies and access to the Greenway with black and white stylized images that gave a contemporary, artistic feel to the marketing materials. Industrial chic at it’s best.


Photography by Stephen Sherman  Photography.