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Collaborating with Otis & Ahearn, J.S. Karlton Company and The Carlyle Group Joint Venture, we created a ground-breaking ad campaign and print collateral for this converted bakery that sold out in 6 months.

The year was 2003 and an early 20th century biscuit factory was nestled right underneath a hideous elevated green highway. The highway was eventually to come down and become the Greenway. But until then, how do you brand a condo building where no one wants to live? We began by creating artwork that was provocative and at the time, very different than what other firms were doing. Industrial chic was the new buzzword and appealing to the adventurous client was our mantra.

strada234 logo on black
strada234 girl with peach copy
strada234 positioning on blue background
strada234 tagline on black
strada234 color palette with greens and blues
strada234 logo on white
strada234 fonts
strada234 white logo on black

Strada 234 in Boston’s West End, boasts a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. The building originally served as the Austin Biscuit Company factory, which later became the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company and subsequently the Sunshine Biscuit Company. Located under the elevated highway on Causeway Street, this former bakery and warehouse said “seedy neighborhood” when it needed to say “desirable residential address.”

strada234 man with orange sheers and topiaries
strada234 brochure open

Instead of talking about the building, we talked about the lifestyle… and introduced the first branding of a building in Boston that was conceptual in nature using people to create an image and a desire.


strada234 woman with hat holding pasta







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