Twenty Two Liberty

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Twenty Two Liberty, the first residential building on Fan Pier, is a spectacular glass tower with incredible views of the city and the harbor. The 118 homes sold out before the building was completed.

Brand Identity
The upside down 2 represents the reflection of a boat on the water in the harbor, the reflection of the clouds and the activity in the glass of the building. The 2’s connect in an abtract way to represent water, waves against a yacht, white sails against the blue sky, reflection of sails, boats, yachts on the water, white clouds against a blue sky. The silver represents the nickel in the finishes of the homes, the chrome on a yacht. The logo can be used as a silver foil stamp, embossed white on white or with the blue and silver.


Brand positioning
The brand positioning was built around the idea of “urban living  without the urban hassle.” Twenty Two Liberty offered a luxury lifestyle with all the perks of living in the city, but with a relaxing, refreshing private oasis right our your front door.


The brand identity and spectacular view shots used in this simple video share the fresh and restorative feel of the waterfront. The movement plays off the daily visual extravaganza of the Seaport. We chose to use conceptual graphics to represent the various retail and restaurants that were yet to be built there and, by using the very powerful font Avenir Black along with various complimentary fonts, the small video encapsulated the look and feel of the messaging.


Building on the brand positioning and leveraging our spectacular view photography, we created several variations of this ad that brought the messaging for Twenty Two Liberty to life. The primary demographic were empty nesters coming in from the suburbs wanting to live on the waterfront. What better way to entice them than to show the incredible, panoramic views out your front door if you lived here.


Using the spectacular view shots and renderings for Twenty Two Liberty, we crafted a deep website filled with full screen, rich photography of the views, lifestyle, parks and renderings for the condos.


We developed a stunning library of photography for Twenty Two Liberty over the course of this project, creating and carefully curating a collection of fantastic city views, spectacular harbor views and the full spectrum of life around Fan Pier.


View photography by Dave Desroches