Not your mother’s Boston Brahmin

The era of the Boston Brahmin is past, but the power of this descriptor still resonates. It is synonymous with wealth, luxury, good taste, and exclusivity — essential characteristics of the building, but updated for the 21st century. Our 25 Beacon advertising used the contrast of old and new to illustrate the changes in this historic building and it's luxurious homes.

25 beacon woman on balcony looking at boston state house
25 beacon advertising woman on balcony looking at state house

Bob Packert, acclaimed fashion photographer and visual artist, collaborated with us to create these striking images for the 25 Beacon advertising that encapsulate the kind of elegance found within these elegant condominiums. As the building was under renovation, we had to build sets to illustrate the view from the interior as well as the exterior. 

25 beacon ad campaign photoshoot woman walking with man with painting and car
25 Beacon set building on photoshoot with car
25 Beacon photoshoot bob packert
25 beacon print ad campaign with woman in car holding painting







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