The history of candy

In celebration of the beginning of major renovations of their Cambridge Brands building, Tootsie Roll Industries wanted to tell the amazing story of candymaking in Cambridge in a way that was colorful, informative, and fun with a fence installation that would remain on view for the foreseeable future.

Candy has been an integral part of Cambridge history since 1820, when Issac Lum opened a store-front confectionery shop. Over the years, Main Street became known as Confectioner’s Row, peaking in 1946 with 66 candy manufacturers in Cambridge. Today, aside from a few specialty shops, Tootsie Roll Industries is the lone survivor of the city's very sweet past.

tootsie roll company making candy with dark chocolate and dark background
tootsie roll industries black and white photo of little boy being handed a tootsie roll
Cambridge Brands strategy
tootsie roll company chocolate making with candy and chocolate

The  installation incorporates illustrations by local Cambridge artist Dawn Scaltreto, and transforms a wrought iron fence into an outdoor gallery across the street from the renovated Cambridge Brands building.

tootsie roll fence portion -blue green
tootsie roll candy manufacturing
tootsie roll industries blue green panel with blurred man walking by copy
tootsie roll industries hirshfeld with hat
tootsie roll industries squirrel holding candy package
tootsie roll industries blue green panel -1896 with blurred man walking by
tootsie roll 1871 mug
tootsie roll 1938 mug
tootsie roll industried various candies in their wrappers







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