Once upon a time

Our strategy of using fairytales featuring the founder’s granddaughters to showcase both large stone slabs and the family’s personal involvement in the company has, in fact, become an integral part of Cumar’s branding. The copy is minimal and uses words that describe both the story and the stone. Like Cumar itself, these ads are different. People remember them and look forward to the next installment.

cumar cinderella ad wtih clock and shoe
Cumar-ad with mermaid with red hair and shark
cumar ad with maleficent and green smoke with amethyst stone


We’ve worked with portrait and people photographer Stephen Sherman on all the Cumar ad campaigns. He brings to the project a collaborative spirit and an amazing team that includes Chloe Barcelou whose incredible styling and set building brings these fairy tales to life.

cumar behind the scenes for mermaid photoshoot
cumar antoinette pink ad
cumar red riding hood ad
cumar malificent set building black and white
cumar antoinette behind the scenes







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