A dining destination

With three buildings clustered in a can't-be-beat waterfront location, Liberty Wharf deserved to be--and has become--a destination in and of itself. It's no surprise that five of the most popular dining spots in the Seaport are located here.

Liberty Wharf is a unique Boston harborside experience offering outstanding dining options as well as first class office space. Located in Boston's Seaport District and home to five best-in-class restaurants, Liberty Wharf is Boston’s most vibrant waterfront destination.

liberty wharf boston logo design on white

The mark for this collection of buildings, was inspired by its historic  waterfront site. It uses the elegant lines of the cursive W to form abstract waves, a nod to Boston Harbor’s seafaring past. The elaborate swash is reminiscent of the beautiful handwriting on historic documents. The letter “L” sitting within the lines of the W, forms a sailboat shape, something you see from the windows of all of the restaurants located here.

liberty wharf signage and logo on side of building by boston graphic design studio
liberty wharf logo color palette
Liberty Wharf fonts
liberty wharf logo on white
liberty wharf logo on black
liberty wharf sailboats in harbor
liberty wharf logo on black mug
liberty wharf looking out window at sailboat
liberty wharf man on large sail boat dropping anchor
liberty wharf black hat with logo copy
liberty wharf shopping bag
liberty wharf black tote bag vertical
liberty wharf logo on black t shirt copy







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