The Gaila Fund

Adams Design was charged with positioning a beautiful and unique head scarf for women dealing with the ravages of cancer.

A gaila is a unique and eye-catching head wrap designed for women experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy. The name itself is a play on three words: gala (implying something happy), gele (the Nigerian head wrap on which the gaila is modeled) and Gail (the creator of the gaila). This Milton-based Professor of International Business designed the first gailas as gifts for fellow cancer patients. Hair loss from chemotherapy can take a toll on a woman’s sense of self and femininity. In contrast, the gaila conveys beauty, whimsy, and elegance– not illness. Wearing a gaila lifts the spirits...and it’s free for cancer patients.

gaila fund logo on purple

Our logo for The Gaila Fund was inspired by the cameo, a carved symbol of beauty that frequently focuses on a profile rather than a full-face image. This was important. as a gaila is about the entire head, not the face.  By using a floral pattern for the scarf, the face of the logo  can remain transparent, thus allowing the figure to be any color.

gaila fund african woman with red and black head scarf
gaila fund color palette
The Gaila Fund fonts
gaila black logo on white
gaila logo on gray
Gaila Fund brand guidelines
gaila fund stacked business cards
the gaila fund branding page with iPad and business cards







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