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This distinct logo serves as a visual representation of the real estate agent's expertise, symbolizing her ability to guide clients in making informed decisions when seeking a new home.

We designed an exclusive logo for a realtor based in Florida, incorporating a compass rose as the central element within a capital H. The compass rose serves as a symbol of the agent's expertise in guiding clients to make informed decisions when searching for a new home. Following the logo creation, we further developed the brand identity and crafted a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistent application of the brand across various platforms.

Harmonay Homes logo mark on lavender
harmonay homes open compass with map
Harmonay Homes logo fonts
Harmonay Homes logo color palette
Harmonay Homes logo type only
Harmonay Homes logo mark on lavender
Harmonay Homes horizontal logo on white
Harmonay Homes logo mark on dark blue
harmonay homes naples florida







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