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Collaborating seamlessly with Advisors Living and the LYX Group, we undertook the comprehensive task of naming, designing the logo, shaping the brand identity, crafting a compelling tagline, and developing all marketing materials and the website for this exclusive waterside development.

We envision an “old money” look compatible with Marion’s history. It is relaxed, effortless. and comes naturally. It is exclusive country clubs and yacht clubs where the affluent, young and old alike, are at home. It has that easy elegance to which many aspire but not all achieve. Mirabelle Bay residents appreciate beautiful things, enjoy life, and sip champagne while watching the sunset.

mirabelle bay asian woman on sailboat wearing red polo shirt and white pants
mirabelle bay positioning statement use this
mirabelle bay tagline
Mirabelle bay naming reasoning
mirabelle bay 3 color logo on blue background
mirabelle bay logo on white
mirabelle bay web logo on lavendar
A woman rides on the bow of a sailboat as it cruises full sail
mirabelle bay fonts
mirabelle bay color palette
mirabelle bay black logo on white
mirabelle bay sunrise view over the bay
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