Marks of distinction

Playing off the rich history of the signet ring and the seal, we developed two related logos, an S logo and a red wax seal that has been "stamped." The logos can be used together or singly. The color palette is a combination of gold, reds, and warm grays accented with black. The embossed pattern is taken from an 18th century wallpaper graphic and echoes the exquisite detail of the moldings found throughout the house.

signet signet ring with red wax by boston best branding agency
signet logo identity on tan by adams design boston best logo designer
signet white logo on black background
Signet color palette
Signet brand fonts
signet embossed cover with red seal for identity

The deep embossed pattern was inspired by the detailed woodwork and moldings throughout the building.

signet detail of ceiling mouldings
signet folder and ipad with business cards







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