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We collaborated with JLL and TCC to craft the original brand identity for Tango, one of the new buildings in Northpoint a new development in Cambridge, MA. Our collaboration began with naming and designing logos for the two apartment buildings, and expanded to include the development of a website, signage, and advertising.

The tilted "N" in the logo serves to add a dynamic element, mimicking the subtle tilt and sway of a tango dancer in motion. This design choice not only reinforces the theme of the tango but also adds a sense of movement and rhythm to the logo, capturing the essence of the dance and reflecting the vibrant energy of the building's community.

northpoint now cambridge crossing tango apartments logo with orange N on dark gray background
stratus black couple at stove cooking
tango apartments naming
northpoint tango apartments logo orange and light gray type on white
mirabelle bay fonts
tango logo color palette with green and orange and gray
tango logo on gray background with white n
tango apartment logo white n on black

Photographer Stephen Sherman created a library of stylized photos bringing the branding colors to life in each one. This photo focused on the proximity of the site to grocery stores and shopping.

northpoint tango apartments couple in white with green umbrella.jpg
northpoint tango picnic girl and boy
tango apartments woman in green checked dress holding dog with orange curtain
northpoint tango open brochure







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