Quinntessentially Different

Positioning The Quinn as different from other luxury condominiums was the key strategy for the advertising. Our tagline "Quinntessentially Different" clearly places the building and lifestyle above the fray.

The eclectic South End was the perfect backdrop for The Quinn ad campaign using these whimsical Rodney Smith images. As the building wasn't completed yet, using these magical photos not only called attention to the project but were also a beautiful and eye-catching way to alert prospective homeowners of what was to come.

the quinn overview rendering of balcony vertical
The Quinn condos positioning
the quinn condos with tagline on green

The images of renowned fashion photographer Rodney Smith became the face of the brand of the building. The whimsical, fantastical photographs were an instant hit for The Quinn ad campaign.

the quinn overview ad campaign with a man jumping over top hat spread-gray

The gorgeous images were used in both print and digital advertising for the property.

the quinn ad campaign with a woman sitting on dresser spread gray







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