Creating the enclave

For the Battery Wharf interactive project, we created a deep website, rich in content about the location, the amenities and lifestyle in this private enclave and the exquisite black and white photography of Rodney Smith set an upscale, luxurious tone. Dave Desroches's stunning photography of the the neighborhood and Boston Harbor reinforce the idea of an exclusive private enclave with European sophistication.

battery wharf website woman and dog on boat in harbor

The spectacular location as well as the homes themselves, added to that special ambience that living on the water can have.

battery wharf from harbor
battery wharf living room

The stunning views and gardens at Battery Wharf added a European flare to the site.

battery wharf ball and trees
battery wharf buildings with harbor
battery wharf aerial view of garden and dock

Sensing restaurant and the Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel lent an added cache to the enclave.

sensing restaurant interior bar
close up of coupe cocktail glass on a copper rimmed table with a green sofa in background
African American people drinking at bar







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