Creating personality

For the Seaport Hotel advertising, we created a series of quirky, sea-oriented ads targeted toward each market segment: weddings, business travelers and event planners plus the family visiting Boston. They are informative and fun, meant to suggest an upbeat hotel experience.

Seaport Hotel magazine ad with lobster
seaport hotel bride looking out window at boat
seaport hotel city view with overnight bag and shells
seaport hotel chair by window with lamp and books


We collaborated with award-winning photographer Michael J. Lee  to create the charming, quirky photography for the advertising. 


Seaport Hotel magazine ad with martini
seaport hotel tamo ad with fireplace
seaport hotel tamo terrace
liberty wharf at dusk


This tagline plays both to the hotel’s waterfront location and to its focus on personal service. We gave the Seaport a warm personality by showcasing the equally warm and service-oriented personalities of key employees. 


seaport hotel beekeeper ad
seaport chef in kitchen peapod toss
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