Placemaking in print

We created a look book that showcased the stunning harbor views, the yachts passing, and the vision for things to come. The focus was on the promise of a new city on the harbor, a neighborhood like no other.

50 liberty two woman on yacht looking down
twenty two liberty brochure covers stacked with red spine

Twenty Two Liberty needed to tell the story of a neighborhood that was just beginning to emerge. We created a book that reflected the constantly changing harbor views  as well as captured the fun, creative restaurants, and events that were giving the waterfront its distinct personality. French folds, subtle clear varnishes, and fold-out pages gave the 120-page visual extravaganza a personality to suit the site.

twenty two liberty girl in yoga pose with red ball

Because the site was under construction, we showcased the amenities and lifestyle with a series of shots that incorporated the brand colors:  blue for the sea and sky accented with a lively red. We chose images from our extensive library of Fan Pier, Boston Harbor, city skyline, and neighborhood photography.

mirabelle bay black and white photo of young woman and man pulling up sail for home
overhead view of young people laying on deck of yacht
sailboats in boston harbor
twenty two liberty couple walking on dock with yacht and friends in background
twenty two liberty friends at outdoor cafe table with boats in background







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